A Massive Namaste At a SheEO Conference - UTKATA Yoga
UTKATA Yoga is Toronto's and Canada's first and only 30-minute office chair yoga service. No yoga mat, no yoga clothes, and no yoga experience are needed.
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A Massive Namaste At a SheEO Conference

Yesterday we were honoured and humbled to be a part of the 2016 Women’s Entrepreneurship Conference with SheEO and Enterprise Toronto. UTKATA team delivered a chair yoga session to the 250 attendees, allowing them to stretch and refresh mid-day. The response was incredible:

SheEO utkata social 2

SheEO utkata social 3

SheEO utkata social 1

About SheEO:

SheEO mentors, guides and accelerates the next generation of women-led ventures on their own terms.

Celebrating and supporting SheEOs. SheEOs walk their own path. They are passionate & driven to build businesses with strong social and financial impact.

Based in Canada and global in scope, SheEO is a collaboration of women entrepreneurs, funders and service providers committed to celebrating and supporting ambitious, women-led ventures that have a positive impact in the world.

Check out their website for future events: https://sheeo.world/