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UTKATA Yoga is Toronto's and Canada's first and only 30-minute office chair yoga service. No yoga mat, no yoga clothes, and no yoga experience are needed.
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Lifestyle and Wellness

What Is the Difference Between Yoga and Stretching?

Recently, one of our clients asked me an important question. It's something that many wonder but rarely, if ever, ask: what's the difference between yoga and stretching? Stretching can be defined as placing the body in various positions to help lengthen and strengthen. While Yoga includes...

Did You Know: October is Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month

BY INNA MIRETSKI Many of us associate October with Thanksgiving and Halloween, and rightfully so. But did you know that it's also Canada's Healthy Workplace Month? Throughout October, many workplaces across Canada will be organizing initiatives and activities that encourage a healthy lifestyle at work for their...

UTKATA meditation workshop
What Meditation Really Is and Why It’s Actually for Everyone

BY INNA MIRETSKI It seems that nowadays, there's a lot of misconception about what meditation really is. The word "meditation" has come to be used somewhat loosely and inaccurately, thereby creating confusion and discouraging people from giving it a try and potentially benefiting from it. I often...

How Office Chair Yoga Improves Productivity

BY INNA MIRETSKI Nowadays, companies become increasingly aware of the massive importance of workplace wellness. They know that if they’ll take good care of their employees, the employees, in return, will take good care of the company. Corporate yoga in particular has been rapidly gaining popularity in...

What If You Were Dating Your New Year’s Resolution

WRITTEN BY INNA MIRETSKI Seriously, though. Imagine that your new year’s resolution is this exciting new person that you’ve been dating for a while and now you’re thinking about taking it to the next level and making it official. You know that you two will make...

Why Sitting is the New Smoking

  Last month, our Founder, Inna, had the pleasure of speaking in front of 700 entrepreneurs at the Sptember TechTO event - Toronto's largest and most popular meetup for tech entrepreneurs. In her talk, she explained why "sitting is the new smoking" and what you can do...