How Office Chair Yoga Improves Productivity
UTKATA Yoga is Toronto's and Canada's first and only 30-minute office chair yoga service. No yoga mat, no yoga clothes, and no yoga experience are needed.
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How Office Chair Yoga Improves Productivity


Nowadays, companies become increasingly aware of the massive importance of workplace wellness. They know that if they’ll take good care of their employees, the employees, in return, will take good care of the company.

Corporate yoga in particular has been rapidly gaining popularity in the past decade. And while most people see yoga as a great great way to relax in the middle of a busy day at the office, it’s definitely not its only benefit.

News flash: yoga is a phenomenal tool for increasing productivity! Especially office chair yoga. Here’s why:

1 — Alleviates Physical Discomfort

How can you be focused and productive if you don’t feel well physically? You’re right, you can’t. You’re trying to focus on that project that’s due in two days, but your neck is killing you and that’s all you can think about. Simple chair yoga stretches can help you relieve that nagging neck tension, allowing you to concentrate on the important stuff — your project — and get it done in time.

2 — Relieves Stress

Mental stress can be as vicious as physical discomfort when it comes to your ability to preform. When worry and anxiety take over our brains, they leave very little room for rational thought. We’re stressing out about the deadline and potential obstacles to meeting it, instead of focusing on the actual task, step by step. Practicing yoga breathing techniques along with gentle chair yoga stretches has been proven to be effective in relieving mental stress and helping you become cool, calm and collected.

3 — Improves the Mood.

When you’re in a good mood, you’re more positive, patient and willing to collaborate. You’re crossing items off your to-do list one after another and seriously considering making “Productivity Goddess” your middle name. But the thing is, it’s hard to be in a good mood if you’re feeling lousy, either physically or mentally. You know what can help? You guessed it: office chair yoga!

4 — Boosts Energy Levels

It’s simple, when you barely move, your body and mind start entering the “sleep mode,” just like your computer. And when you notice your screen going dark, you start pushing buttons to wake it up. Similarly, chair yoga can push some of your buttons when you’ve hit that mid-day wall of drowsiness. Specific chair yoga stretches are designed to kick up your energy levels and help you get your focus back on.

5 — Increases Focus

Once your neck strain is gone, your mind is calm, you’re in good spirits, and full of energy, you feel like you’re ready to go get it! You’ll feel motivated and as sharp as a brand new razor. That’s when it’s time to nama’slay the day and channel all of your focus into that top-priority project!

6 — Time Efficient

Not only office chair yoga has all the benefits of a “regular” yoga-on-the-mat, but it’s also perfect for the office environment. It eliminates the hassle of changing clothes and the discomfort of sweating and carrying a yoga mat around, and by that, it saves time, which is essential to your productivity. Your equipment is your office chair and your attire is your office clothes. How comfortable is that?!

Give office chair yoga a go and unleash your inner Productivity Goddess! She’ll be happy to take charge and get the job done!

Picture Credit: Hire And Esquire