What If You Were Dating Your New Year’s Resolution
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What If You Were Dating Your New Year’s Resolution


Seriously, though. Imagine that your new year’s resolution is this exciting new person that you’ve been dating for a while and now you’re thinking about taking it to the next level and making it official. You know that you two will make a great couple, but it will take work. A lot of work. Are you up for it?

Whether you’ve been keeping your new year’s resolution to yourself or broadcasting it to all of your social circles, by now, you’re probably at that point where you and your resolution have your first relationship crisis. Are you going to call it quits or are you going to work it out?

The answer is simple: if it’s really important to you, you’ll try to find a way to make it work. But how? Your new year’s resolution is so attractive but has insane demands! You want it so much, but can you really handle it?

Of course you can! And I’m going to tell you exactly how. Remember, great relationships are not built overnight. Pun intended.

1 — Take it Easy

Yes, it’s the “honeymoon phase” and everything is extremely exciting and fun, but you don’t have to see each other every day at this point. Save some for later. You’ll need it.

Whatever your new year’s resolution is, start small and progress gradually. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. If it’s getting in shape that you’re after, start by going to the gym just twice a week, for only 20 minutes. Just show up. Then stay for longer and eventually add another day and another one. Before you know it, your new years resolution will be your reality.

2 — Make a Commitment

You don’t have to say “Yest to the dress” right away, but you must say “yes” to something and commit to it. Here are some ideas: “Yes to yoga pants!” or “Yes to running shoes” or even “Yes to speedos!” Okay, I might’ve gone too far.

The point is, consistency is Key and you need that key to unlock the door to your goal. If you started going to the gym, congratulations! You made the first step. Now all you have to do is to… keep going, one step at a time.

3 — Make it Fun

Remember when a few paragraphs back I told you to “Save some [fun] for later”? Well, this is later. This is several weeks down the road, when you’re making your signature smirk and telling your BFF that “Everything’s great but something’s missing.”

What’s missing is some fun. And what exactly “fun” means is up to you to define. Maybe it’s pretty workout clothes that look great in selfies. Or maybe it’s working out at a different location every other week. Figure it out and you’re all set.

Give your new year’s resolutions another chance and thank me later! Good luck and… have fun!